Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life, Choices and New Beginnings

Life has a way of forcing us to make choices.  Sometimes in big things like what job to take or what house to buy, other times it might be in the small things like what day to leave on vacation or what time to schedule a play date.

For the past several months I've been tumbling over thoughts about changing my blog and resetting my goals.  A year ago this time, I gifted myself a domain and hosting package in the hopes that I could really reach out and maybe even earn some money for our family.  Life had other ideas!

So here I am, on my new and improved, down to earth, from the heart blog that makes me so excited!

My writing style won't be any different and I pray that what you read is always real.  I'm okay with being genuine because you need to know that what might look easy from the outside isn't always easy on the inside.

At first I had a hard time saying goodbye to my old blog because I lost all of my writing (long story.)  I was sad that I had no record of the over 400 posts I wrote.  I was hoping to compile them all and make a book someday!  Oh well, starting over isn't all bad.

Some of my brainstorms (although limited in my overtaxed brain) are now coming to fruition.  What you see and what you read, are how I feel and who I am and what is most important to me.

You'll read about God and being Catholic, homeschooling, large family living, raising girls AND boys, married life, naturally crunchy mom stuff, and all the in betweens.

Come back again and again to visit.  Read my posts.  Share my posts.  Comment on my posts.  Leave prayers requests in the comments.


  1. Sorry you lost your posts :-(
    Good to read your stuff again :-)

    1. Yeah, I was pretty sad at first. I'd like to think my writing is pretty decent, but I guess that's not why I was writing to begin with so I've just tried to not worry. Thanks for coming back and reading me here!

  2. I'm bummed you lost all your writing, but I'm sure glad you're back! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read my craziness!