Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our go-to Catholic Resources

Over the years, we've gained an appreciation for certain businesses, websites, books, etc. that help us grow in our faith.  As our children get older, we keep adding to the repertoire.  There are a lot of great resources out there, from great Catholic movies to Catholic blogs to solid Catholic books.  Here's a compilation of what the Kreps family finds useful:
  • CCC Saint Movies (www.cccofamerica.com - at the time of posting this website was down but definitely go check out their movie collection.)
  • Friendly Defender Flashcards (great for helping kids learn to answer questions about their faith) made by Ascension Press
  • Holy Heroes (Glory Stories are fantastic for learning about saints - our family favorite is the Pope St John Paul II. You can download to your ipod! They also offer the Lenten Adventure, Advent Adventure, and Summer Adventure - great resources for bringing the liturgical season to life all year round.)
  • Cat Chat CDs (Great for car rides between activities or on road trips.  We have 3 volumes and love all of them. They use talking and music to teaching about Mary, the Saints, Mass, Advent, etc.)
  • The Dogma Dogs CD (Love these catchy tunes that teach the 10 Commandments, Order of the Mass, Vatican Councils, etc.)
  • Some of my very favorite Catholic blogs include Catholic All Year, Smart Martha, and Catholic Icing
  • The 2 Volume Collection entitled The Illustrated Lives of the Saints (found online and many Catholic retailers) These books are nteresting because they include many, many saints not found on the regular liturgical calendar.
  • Ethel Pochokie's Once Upon a Time Saints
  • Ignatius Press movies
  • Bethlehem Press books (especially The Cottage at Bantry Bay Series and The Mitchells - so say my daughters!)
  • Faith and Life Catechism Series for religious education (in the home, classroom, or Church setting)
  • We and Our Children: How to Make a Catholic Home by Mary Reed Newland (got my copy here and I love it!)
  • Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers by USCCB (can purchase here)


  1. Thanks, Britta - what a thorough list! I'll be bookmarking this to refer back to. Charlene

  2. So glad it was helpful to you!