Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I've Learned this Summer...

Summer means different things to different people.

Some think hot sun, swimming pools, iced tea, popsicles.  Others think vacation getaways, visits to grandparents, time off work, kids home from school.

I don't really have mindset for summer except that this summer I definitely needed a break.  Mentally, I was just spent - from everything.

Now that our conversations are about school supplies, new books, and lesson plans, I thought I would share some of what I've learned this summer before we're back to the grindstone.

(In no particular order!)

1.  Everyone needs a break and it's okay.

2.  Kids love spontaneity.

3.  Swimming lessons are important no matter the age.

4.  Illinois summers don't always have to be sticky hot!

5.  Lemon ice cream is fantastically refreshing (especially when you just have to walk one block to get some).

6.  Old friends make life so much fun!

7.  Each of my children is a fascinating gift from God.

8.  I'm ready for whatever is next in our lives, but God's still revealing His plan piece by piece.

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