Friday, August 22, 2014

Ninja dancing, replacement parts, being pushed, and nectarines!

Rain. We've had a lot of rain this week or so it seems.  I really wouldn't have to know the actual weather conditions to know that it's raining because I can see the energy oozing from eyeballs, arms, legs, etc. all over my house!!!  The hard part - not necessarily rain that lasts all day, but the aftermath of rain - MUD.  I can't change it, so we're just plodding along with creative outlets for lots of boy energy.  Like, ninja dancing to Veggie Tale's Christmas music - such an obvious rainy day activity!  Or making a recliner into a jeep with an empty toy tote attached to the back of the recliner as the trailer! 
Cucumbers. Tomatoes. Sweet corn. Green beans. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Green peppers. Broccoli.  Nature's bounty is blessing us over and over with an amazing harvest.  Between our own garden and several who have shared their abundance, we are putting up a ton of goodies to get through winter.  Who doesn't love a good ol' pot of Illinois sweet corn in the middle of January?  And, this year's sweet corn - AMAZING - it tastes like candy! We've put up strawberry freezer jam, homemade spaghetti sauce, bread'n'butter pickles, refridgerator pickles, freezer pickles, sweet relish, and tons of sweet corn.  Praise God for His provision!
Back to school week was a success! I never doubted we would survive, but I was unsure if we would thrive!  I am pleased to say that all my students are moving right along, adjusting to a newish schedule, and being fairly patient with their teacher :)
Can I send my 36-year-old body back for a replacement model?  Or maybe just some replacement parts? Yikes, I feel old this week. Between my hip, knee, and elbow you would think I am 3 times as old as I actually am.  I'm hoping for some relief as I hash out what is actually going on in my tired body!
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been an interesting phenomenon.  My husband was nominated by a colleague and before jumping into his own challenge, he did some research.  I think a lot of folks have done their research, and while I stand very solidly on the pro-life/anti-embryonic stem cell side of it all, I am pleased that so many folks are not just passively participating.  ALS is a real disease, effecting real people and it needs a cure.
God is pushing me hard right now.  He's pushing me to trust Him, to rely on Him, and to put Him first.  I need the push. I need out of my rut.  I'm so grateful for a merciful Father, who also loves me enough to pick me up by the seat of my pants and push me forward.
I love nectarines.  Yep, now you know my favorite fruit.  Nothing like random trivia to send you off on your weekend adventures!
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