Wednesday, June 4, 2014

God ALWAYS answers our prayers

"The Lord hears us more readily than we suspect; it is our listening to God that needs to be improved. When people complain that their prayers are not heard by God, what often has happened is that they did not wait to hear God's answer."   -Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

How true is that insight?

I mean, I can pray all day - for special intentions, decades of the rosary, prayers for grace, but do I actually EVER stop to listen for the answers.

Of course just because I'm not listening doesn't mean God won't answer, however, I might miss the answer or not recognize His providence.

Since prayer is communication with God and communication in any relationship is key, then prayer HAS to be important.  (I'm saying this with emphasis added for my own good!)   Communication is a two-way street, so when I'm done babbling, blubbering and lamenting (I do praise and adore, just not as much) I need be patient and listen for His answer.

God does answer every prayer (contrary to the theology of Garth Brooks!).  The thing I have to remind myself of constantly, is that His answer isn't always what I want, but it will ALWAYS be what is best.

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