Monday, June 23, 2014

I miss my help!

Big kids can be super helpful.  I have 4 of them (me considering big 5 and up) and I appreciate all their help very much.

I especially appreciate when I DON'T have it anymore!

This week is the Totus Tuus program for our parish and I'm so excited they get to be immersed in learning more about our faith all week.

However, in just a few short hours, I've realized that do WAY more around the house then they get credit for.

Large families work best when all hands are on board, so I really miss my help.

When I pick my kiddos up this afternoon, I plan to thank them profusely for all that do each and every day.  Then I'm going to bribe at least on of them to stay home and help me the rest of the week - just kidding!

It's not like I haven't done the 3 kids under 4 yrs. old before, it's just that it's been a while!

From holding the baby so I can use the restroom w/o crawling visitors, to making lunch so I can keep schooling, to helping fold laundry or change it over at least - they do so much to make my life as "mom" easier.

If you have big kids and they are your right and left hands - stop and say thank you today.  Make them feel appreciated and help them understand their valuable contribution to the family.

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